Wenhaston Primary School




As a village school, our class sizes are small which has a positive effect on the children’s learning. There are 4 classes:


Years 1 and 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6

The government has set the Key Stages, with targets for the level of achievement which can reasonably be expected for those age groups. The pupils help to set their own targets and these are shared when parents come to school to talk to teachers.

In all classes we take time to get to know each child, and match the work to their level of ability. Our teachers meet regularly to plan together, share ideas and check how well the programmes of work are going. Acting as a team in this way brings us the benefits of combining our experience, and also gives the children a chance to work with more than just one adult.


School Council 

 Our school council is a democracy. Each class is represented by a male and female member who represents, canvases and collates the views and wishes of their class to bring to their meetings. They decide on how their School Council funds should be spent after bringing to the meeting their classes wishes. They represent our school when we have visitors who may wish to talk to a representation of the pupils and are currently ensuring new, interesting and challenging play equipment is available for break and lunchtime after raising funds for this purpose. 


Meeters and Greeters

 A boy and a girl from each class will greet any visitor to a classroom, introducing themselves and explaining what the Learning Objective is for that lesson, how they are learning and why.