Wenhaston Primary School

Pupil Illness

If your child has been physically sick or has suffered from diarrhoea they should be kept off school for 48 hours since the last day of illness as for any contageous conditions.



Illness and Emergencies

If your child becomes ill at school, we would, of course look after him or her, but we have only very limited facilities for doing so. If you have any doubt about the fitness of your child in the morning please DO NOT send them to school. Please telephone the school by 9.00am on the first day of absence. Please call every day that your child is not able to attend school unless you have arranged that your child will be back on a certain day. ( 01502 478328 ) You may leave a message on the answer phone if no one is available to take your call. The school register closes at 8:50am. The school operates a first day response to absences; we will attempt to contact you if we have not heard from you. This is because we believe it is our responsibility to ensure your child´s safety. 

In the case of illness in school the school will contact a parent. Should the school be unable to contact a parent, the school will contact a person the parent has nominated to act for them on their school contact form. It is therefore vitally important that parents keep the school informed and updated of any change of address, or work, home or additional contacts telephone numbers.

Parents/guardians must advise the school in writing if their child is subject to any known allergic reaction e.g. to food stuffs which the child may come into contact with in the course of the school day.

Minor cuts and bruises etc. will be cleaned and occasionally a plaster may be applied to aid the healing process. Parents should inform the school if thier child has any allergic reaction to plasters and they will not be administered. Please note, we do not apply any creams.

Parents/guardians must request from their general practitioner that dosage schedules for any medication prescribed will not include school hours wherever possible.

Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s medication. If a child requires medication prescribed by the G.P. then please administer before school and immediately after school in order to gain the correct amount of doses during the day. You can administer the medication yourself during the school day if you are able to come to the school. 

If a child has had a head injury a copy of the report kept in school will be sent home with the child. 

In the case of a medical emergency, we will call for an ambulance immediately and escort a child to hospital if necessary.


Sickness at Home

Parents/guardians must keep pupils at home when they are acutely unwell. It is parents/guardians responsibility to inform the school before 9.00am if a child is unwell and remaining at home. Children should be fully recovered before they return to school.


Sickness policy



Sickness, VOMITING & Diarrhoea. A period of 48 hours after last episode

must elapse before returning to school.


Chicken pox White spots on torso. Highly infectious. Exclusion 5 days from

onset of rash or when all spots have crusted over.


Hand / Foot /mouth Fever & rash with blisters. No specific exclusion, but child

should be kept at home while unwell.


Head Lice Please check your child regularly. Regular combing with fine-

toothed comb is the best protection. Treat only if live lice are seen in



Impetigo Skin infection causing blisters. Infectious until lesions are crusted or

healed. Exclusion is for 24 hrs after start of treatment.


Conjunctivitus Itchy red eye with watery or sticky discharge. Highly

infectious. Can return once treatment has been started but

extra care to be taken with hand-washing.


Slap cheek An affected child need not be excluded as they are no longer

infectious by the time the rash occurs, however, children should

be kept at home while they feel unwell.


MEASLES Exclude: for 5 days from onset of rash.

MUMPS Exclude: for 5 days from onset of swollen glands.

RUBELLA Exclude: for 4 days from onset of rash and whilst unwell.


MENINGITIS Children with the disease will be too ill to attend school. There

is no need to exclude siblings or other close contacts.


PERTUSSIS ~WHOOPING COUGH An affected child and unvaccinated

contacts under 7 years should be

excluded until they have had 5 days of



Tonsillitis Exclusion: 24 hrs from the start of the treatment if a bacterial

infection. Otherwise a child should stay at home while they feel



This is not an exclusive list – exclusion periods for other illnesses will be decided upon with advice from doctors and other health officials.