Wenhaston Primary School

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Wenhaston Primary School Aims and Ethos

  • We aim create an environment, which is happy, caring, busy and stimulating, enabling children to develop a love of learning, and to know where and how to find new information, becoming independent learners.
  • To help our children achieve their maximum potential and to reach the highest possible standards in relation to their age and ability.
  • To provide quality teaching, which is carefully planned, tailored to needs, monitored and evaluated.
  • To provide a Curriculum, which is relevant in todays and future society, which meets the needs of our children and which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • To enhance the children´s learning by making best possible use of our buildings, equipment, materials and staff strengths.
  • To help children value their own hopes and achievements whilst showing tolerance, respect and consideration for others.
  • To establish a friendly and trusting relationship between home, school and the community so that we can work together to secure the best for our children