Wenhaston Primary School

Overview of Themes

At Wenhaston Primary we teach the National Curriculum 2014 and have planned our foundation subjects around the whole school themes taught over 2 years. . The focus every Autumn term is an historic theme. The focus for the Spring Term is geography, linked to environmental issues through a different continent study each year. The focus each Summer term is on a film or a story that is linked to values and 'global issues.'

The start of each theme begins with a hook starter to engage the children and give them a purpose for learning and an enthusiasm to find out more. Visits, links with other schools around the world and theme days are built into each unit and planned for at the start of each theme. Each term ends with a celebration of learning; for example an art exhibition, a whole school museum or a drama for the community to come and see. Enterprise projects are embedded into the themes and progressive skills are included using Chris Quigley's milestones for the foundation subjects in an outstanding curriculum. 

Art, Music, Design Technology, computing, PSHE, PE, Science, Literacy and Maths are applied in these themes where this enhances the learning experiences but some areas may also be taught discreetly also such as maths, PE and RE.