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S E N.D (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities )

Support for your child at Wenhaston Primary School 2016

S.E.N.D Report 2016

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Wenhaston Primary School is committed to inclusion. The school aims to provide an appropriate and high quality education for all children living in our local communities. We believe that all children have a common entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum. This will be readily accessible to them and they will be fully included in all aspects of school life.

We believe that inclusion is essential in ensuring the equality of opportunity for all learners whatever their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, attainment and background. This demonstrates our commitment to valuing the diversity of the school community.

It is accepted that many pupils will experience some form of difficulty at some time in their education.  At Wenhaston we aim to match the pupils’ needs, whether they are complex and recognised by a Statement/ Education and Health Care Plan or of a more specific but temporary nature, with appropriate support.

Help may be given in a variety of ways, ranging from high quality whole class teaching, intensive small group work or one to one support.

Pupils requiring support which is additional to or different from that which is normally provided, have their needs recorded and their progress monitored through a Support Plan.

The school works closely with the Local Authority and other agencies to help ensure the needs of all pupils are met.

The Headteacher, Mrs Bowles works closely with families, offereing Early Help where needed. This is in the form of CAF Referral where the local arly Help Team are contacted. If you feel that you are in need of support, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Bowles or your child's class teacher.


The links above set out information about our provision for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN). They are updated annually.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Jenkins

She can be contacted on analisa.jenkins@wenhastonprimary.co.uk

Our governor with responsibility for SEN is Mrs Jenny Allen



The County Inclusion Support Service

Information for parents


Behaviour Support Service and County Inclusive Resource merger

The County Inclusion Support Service (CISS) a new mainstream school support service for pupils, will launch in the summer term 2017. The new service is the result of a merger between the current Behaviour Support Service (BSS) and County Inclusive Resource (CIR).

Children and young people currently on CIR caseload

Pupils currently on CIR caseload will automatically be transferred to the new CISS caseload.

All pupils will remain on CISS caseload until the end of year 11, without the need to re refer.

The level of support offered by CISS will vary according to the need of the pupil and their level of vulnerability.

Criteria for new referrals

From the summer term onwards mainstream Suffolk schools will be able to refer new pupils to CISS, if there is evidence that the pupil is ‘highly vulnerable’. For example, there may be evidence that the pupil is at risk of permanent exclusion or school refusal.

Referrals will be considered for pupils with a diagnosis of Autism, traits of Autism but no diagnosis, social, emotional and mental health difficulties, social communication difficulties and all associated behaviours.

Level of support

If a referral to CISS is successful then the level of support received from CISS may vary over time.

Initially, support will include advice, guidance and direct work with the pupil.

If a pupil makes progress, then they will stay on caseload and access an advice, guidance and monitoring level of support.

If at any time the pupil’s needs change and they are once again considered to be ‘highly vulnerable’, then they would revert to accessing the same level of support as they did when they were first referred to CISS.

It is possible that a pupil may receive varying levels of support throughout their time in school.

Parent/carer involvement

If schools wish to refer a pupil to CISS then they must first discuss the referral with parents/carers and seek their permission to refer. The decision of the referral meeting will be relayed in a letter sent to school with a copy of the letter for schools to share with parent/carers.

If the referral is successful parents/carers will be invited to a meeting with school staff and CISS staff to discuss the pupil, gather parent/carer views and outline initial plans for support.

If parents/carers wish to meet with CISS staff again, at any point whilst their child is on CISS caseload, they can contact the school to arrange a meeting.

There will be regular parent/carer questionnaires asking for feedback re the new service which will inform the way in which the service grows and develops.

The CISS team will be happy to talk to local parent groups about the service, if asked to do so.

Traded offer

Schools will be able to access additional support to that outlined above through a CISS traded offer to schools, accessible via Suffolk County Council’s Schools’ Choice.

More information

If you have any queries about CISS, please contact your child’s school in the first instance.

As more information about the service becomes available, it will appear on the Suffolk County Council website.

On 13th March there will be a SENDIASS conference at Stratford St Andrew, where there will be a presentation about the service and CISS staff will be available to answer any questions that parents/carers may have. Please contact SENDIASS directly for more information regarding the conference: sendiass@suffolk.gov.uk, tel: 01473 264702

In addition, the CISS team are happy to talk to local parent groups about the service, if asked to do so. If you are part of a parent support group and would like someone to come and talk to you about CISS please contact Nickie Roberts, CIR Lead Technician, who will pass your query on to the relevant member of the CISS team: nickie.roberts@suffolk.gov.uk, tel: 01787 468925/6