Wenhaston Primary School


The Governing Body of the school is expected to form a link between the school and the community. 

The School Governors have oversight of the general effectiveness and running of the school. It meets at least once a term. The minutes of governors meetings are available for inspection at school by any member of the community. Parent Governors are elected at regular intervals to represent parents´ interests. Governors hold a meeting for parents annually and present their report.

 They are legally responsible for the school’s curriculum, the appointment of staff, discipline and many other aspects of school life. Since 1991, under the new legislation covering the Local Management of Schools – The Governing Body has become responsible for the administration of the budget allocated to the school by the County.


Any of the above can be contacted in confidence C/O The School.


Please click here for Schools Choice Governor Services.

Please click here for the Suffolk Learning Governor page.


If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please contact any one of the Governors through the school, or the Headteacher regarding any possible vacancies. Both the Government and Suffolk LEA stress the need for active, committed Governors.